New Agencies Arrive At CSBI

Several agencies have come in to the Community Services Building over the past year and we are pleased to welcome them.  Last March, Envision Success opened their doors and have successfully developed programs that are helpful to veterans and others who are struggling to achieve success.  In the fall, ABLE moved their vocational and employment programs to CSBI and are looking to expand even further in the coming months.  In November, RSVP returned to CSBI under new oversight and have quickly introduced volunteer opportunities for senior adults.  Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) also opened in November and have already moved to larger offices.  They provide services for homeless veterans.  We’re excited that the Community Services Building continues to provide a home to those who are helping those less fortunate.  There is still some space available.  If you are aware of a non-profit agency who needs a home with low-cost services and highly supportive management, CSBI is here to meet the needs of the non-profit agencies in our community.

Welcome Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, Food For Thought Learning Institute and Little Ones Ministries

It is exciting to have three new agencies doing business from the Community Services Building.  These agencies all have small spaces, but they’re all doing some big things!  It is our tremendous pleasure to provide them affordable space to make a difference in the lives of others.  Check out their description on the “Agencies” page.  Good work continues to take place at the Community Services Building as more special people are occupying our special place.

CSBI: A Great Place To Be This Time of Year!

These days that lead up to Christmas are full of activity at CSBI.  Truckloads of gifts being delivered for distribution to the needy, boxloads of food going out to homebound senior citizens and bags full of gifts going out to children who might not otherwise have a Christmas.  It’s truly heartwarming.  Here in the office, we cheer them on.  We hold the doors open and make sure that CSBI Agencies have the best facilities possible to accomplish their mission.  Thanks for everyone who has been a part of our hustle and bustle.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s Chili Cook-Off Time Again-Friday, November 2

Seven years ago a tradition began at CSBI and we refuse to let it die!  We’re thinking up some changes and moving the event outdoors, but the fact remains that we’ll have some amazing chili to sample and a chili lunch will cost $5.00.  This event showcases CSBI Agencies and we invite other non-profits from around town to participate.  What’s more we have a category for individual entries and we’d love for members of the community to join us!  This is CSBI’s only fundraiser of the year and includes a Silent Auction.  Plus, this year we’ll have music and more fun than ever.  Mark your calendar now and plan to join us!

Welcome Oklahoma People First

A very special welcome to Lance Davis and the statewide headquarters for Oklahoma People First!  Mr Davis is the Executive Director of this non-profit organization that provides advocacy for people with disabilities for folks throughout the State of Oklahoma.  Oklahoma People First (OPF) is occupying the space that was formerly the GED Classroom.  GED classes have moved on to Norman Public Schools property and that has opened up this space which is perfect for the OPF operation.  Once again, the Community Services Building is fully leased.  We’re thrilled to have OPM as part of our community.

Updating and Upgrading

As I write this post, a new handicapped door is being installed, new interior signage is being put up and we’re waiting for the arrival of  a replacement door for one that was damaged several years ago.  Most of our exterior doors have been repaired and painted.  The result is an improved and more professional look to the CSBI Building.  From landscaping to exit signs, continual improvement is taking place.  It’s exciting to make our building more appealing to those work here and those we serve.  All are welcome at CSBI.  Stop in and take a look around!

A Building Full of Folks Doing Good!

With the addition of Compassion Pointe to the list of CSBI Agencies, the Community Service Building is officially full! It is with great pride that I have regular conversations with folks from Center for Children and Families, Inc., Among Friends, Aging Services, Inc., Bethesda, Crossroads Headstart and others. They are all looking for ways to better serve a diverse group of clients and we are looking for ways to help. From new and improved play areas for the children to exercise opportunities for the physically challenged, it is our privilege to evaluate ways to help our clients (our tenant agencies) better serve their clients.

Chili Cook-Off

Former CSBI Executive Director, Becky Aguilar, had an idea that has endured.  She created a Chili Cook-Off on the grounds of CSBI and invited the public and the CSBI agencies to compete.  It’s a tradition that we can’t let die and although we don’t have Becky to organize it this year, we are plunging ahead.

This year’s event is scheduled for Friday, November 4.  The public is invited taste the chili, judge the competition and check out the silent auction items that are generously donated by those in the Norman Community.  We’ll do our best to continue the tradition with a fun and tasty event.

Typical Day

On a typical day at CSBI I will wave and say good morning to a buggy-full of Early Headstart students travelling through the corridors, give directions to a worried parent trying find help for a child that has been sexually assaulted, point the way to a confused senior citizen whose power has been shut off and walk a recently laid off father to the unemployment office.

This building is a conglomerate of professionals who help those in need. As the first point of contact with many of the helpless and hopeless, I get a great deal of satisfaction helping these folks knowing that they are getting the services they need to cope with the challenges of life.

Welcome to our new website!

Hello, and welcome to our first blog post on our new website!

We’re excited to launch our new, dynamic website. We are planning to make use of our blog, updating it on a regular basis. This is where you’ll find the latest and greatest information on us.

We’re also excited that the new website T&S Web Design created for us is much easier to update on an ongoing basis. That means we’ll be able to keep our customers much more up-to-date on everything we have to offer. Not only will the blog be updated, but the rest of the site will have current information as well.

So bookmark our website or add our RSS feed. We’re looking forward to communicating more with you, our customers.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!

Special People.
Special Place.

The thing that makes CSBI such a special place is the people who come through the doors every day. It is an extremely diverse group...in age, gender and ethnicity but in every circumstance they are here to help others or help themselves in one way or another. Recent evaluation of CSBI and our place in the community has led to the conclusion that we are more than just a building. We are a special group of people that offer a variety of services to the families of Norman and Cleveland County. When you put a stethoscope against our walls, you will hear a heartbeat.
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