CSBI: A Great Place To Be This Time of Year!

These days that lead up to Christmas are full of activity at CSBI.  Truckloads of gifts being delivered for distribution to the needy, boxloads of food going out to homebound senior citizens and bags full of gifts going out to children who might not otherwise have a Christmas.  It’s truly heartwarming.  Here in the office, we cheer them on.  We hold the doors open and make sure that CSBI Agencies have the best facilities possible to accomplish their mission.  Thanks for everyone who has been a part of our hustle and bustle.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Special People.
Special Place.

The thing that makes CSBI such a special place is the people who come through the doors every day. It is an extremely diverse group...in age, gender and ethnicity but in every circumstance they are here to help others or help themselves in one way or another. Recent evaluation of CSBI and our place in the community has led to the conclusion that we are more than just a building. We are a special group of people that offer a variety of services to the families of Norman and Cleveland County. When you put a stethoscope against our walls, you will hear a heartbeat.
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